CIBER-BBN Collaboration and Equipment Platform Projects with companies

CIBER-BN proposes carrying out development, not basic research, projects between the Consortium and companies, involving the services of the CIBER-BBN Biomedicine platform.

The idea is to favour the generation of knowledge that can be transferred to society and, particularly to the productive sector, by means of participation of CIBER-BBN and R&D companies in small collaborative projects, with both parties providing resources, as well as use of the CIBER-BBN equipment platforms. These new collaborations seek to obtain new products, protocols, technologies, or improvements in an already existing product, process or technology or one that is already used in the company, in response to an actual demand/need for it. Sometimes the collaborative project can be used as a seed project to generate trust and results that allow producing later, more ambitious collaborative projects.

Funding for the project will be provided by CIBER-BBN and the participating companies. CIBER-BBN agrees to provide 3,000 Euros, and the rest must be provided by the company. The total budget cannot be less than 6,000 Euros.

For more information, contact Jesús Izco: