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TNT2015 conference

Desde el lunes, 7 de septiembre de 2015 hasta el viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2015

Localización: Toulouse, France.

The 16th edition of the Trends in Nanotechnology International Conference (TNT2015) is being launched following the overwhelming success of earlier Nanotechnology Conferences. Currently, the event unveils 24 keynote speakers covering different fields of Nanotechnology. A "Graphene & 2D materials" one-day symposium will also be organised in collaboration with ICN2 (Spain) to present the latest advances in graphene based products & research.

Send your abstract here until May 29, 2015.

Student grants (travel bursaries) also available:

Keynote Speakers confirmed (24):

  • Jordi Arbiol (ICN2, Spain)
  • Adrian Bachtold (ICFO, Spain)
  • Laurent Baraton (GDF Suez, France)
  • Ofra Benny (The Hebrew University, Israel)
  • Kenneth A. Dawson (CBNI-University Collegue Dublin, Ireland)
  • Luisa De Cola (ISIS/Université de Strasbourg, France)
  • Xinliang Feng (Dresden University of Technology, Germany)
  • Ehud Gazit (Tel Aviv University, Israel)
  • Jean-Jacques Greffet (Institut d'Optique Graduate School, France)
  • Cyrus Hirjibehedin (University College London, UK)
  • Christian Joachim (CEMES/CNRS, France)
  • Philippe Leclere (Université de Mons, Belgium)
  • Luis M. Liz-Marzán (CIC biomaGUNE, Spain)
  • Xavier Marie (INSA-Toulouse, France)
  • Vittorio Pellegrini (IIT, Italy)
  • Bernard Plaçais (LPA/ENS, France)
  • Danny Porath (The Hebrew University, Israel)
  • Federico Rosei (INRS–EMT, Univ. du Québec, Canada)
  • Clément Sanchez (Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France)
  • Olivier Sandre (Université de Bordeaux/CNRS/Bordeaux-INP ENSCBP, France)
  • Patrice Simon (Université Paul Sabatier, France)
  • Paolo Vavassori (CIC nanogune, Spain)
  • Kurt Vesterager Gothelf (iNANO/Aarhus University, Denmark)
  • Di Wei (Nokia-TECH/Cambridge, UK)

More speakers to be announced soon.

Upcoming Deadlines:

Abstract Submission (Oral request): May 29, 2015

Student Grant (Travel bursary) Request: May 29, 2015

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