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CIBER-BBN Young Scientist Forum in Biomaterials

Welcome to the CIBER-BBN-Young Scientist Forum in Biomaterials (CIBER-BBN-YSF in Biomaterials), the Spanish Local Chapter of the YSF from the European Society of Biomaterials.

Our main purposes are: to representthe interest of the younger members of the CIBER-BBN and to disseminate the Biomaterials science in society.

This Forum, created in 2012, is intended to be a fluid channel for discussing Biomaterials education and training in Spain and Europe, as well as advertising research opportunities and upcoming events in the field and promoting research collaboration initiatives.

As the principal providers of information are researchers, CIBER-BBN-YSF would like to encourage you to collaborate in this initiative in order to have the highest impact and succeed in our objectives. So, please let us know all related to research opportunities, training/career development events, or anything that would contribute to the young scientists in Biomaterials development.

CIBER-BBN YSF in Biomaterials Session in CIBER-BBN Annual Conference

This session is organized yearly in the CIBER-BBN Annual Conference were invited speakers bring us their experiences and perspectives in relevant and complementary subjects for the career of young researchers, such as the publication system, spin-offs creation, crowdfunding, science communication, european grants schemes. We wish the subjects chosen in each edition give the opportunity of networking and stimulate the debate.

- 10th CIBER-BBN Annual Conference

“Being Success in ERC Grants: the advantages of a Consolidator Grant”, María Jesús Vincent “Promotion of Scientific, Technological and Innovation Culture in Biomedicine”, Joana Magalhaes

- 9th CIBER-BBN Annual Conference

“Dermoglass: Our experience in Crowdfunding”, Elisabeth Engel

“Bioinicia”, José M. Lagaron

- 6th CIBER-BBN Annual Conference

“An Editor Point of View: Publish and do not Perish”, Josep A. Planell

“Unconventional Formats”, Angel Raya

CIBER-BBN-YSF in Biomaterials Award

This award is established to recognize, encourage and stimulate outstanding research contributions to the field of biomaterials by young scientists who incorporate an international dimension and perspective into their research. It consists of 500€ funded by CIBER-BBN and a certificate.

Qualification criteria:

  • The candidate should not be older than 40 years at the closing date for nomination. (* extended for female candidates, 6 months per child, up to a maximum of 18 months)
  • The candidate does not need to have a Spanish nationality but he/she should work in a Spanish institution.
  • The candidate's research needs to have clear International dimension.
  • The candidate must have contributed to the knowledge in the field of biomaterials through basic, experimental and/or clinical research.
  • Eligible merits are only consider of original research published, or at least accepted, in peer-reviewed international scientific journals, edited monographs and specialized books, patents and IP, awards and biomaterials science dissemination activities.

The selection of the winning candidate will be responsibility of a selection committee consisting of recognized researchers in the field of Biomaterial Sciences appointed by the CIBER-BBN-YSF in Biomaterials.

The award is delivered in the CIBER-BBN YSF in Biomaterials Session, where the winner is invited to give a talk.

Applications consist of the candidate's CVN and a motivation letter. Aplications should be sent to [email protected] in Spanish or English. 2016 Award Applications will be announced soon.

Past winners:

  • Estefanía Peña (Grupo GEMM-I3A - U. Zaragoza) 2015 (Más info)
  • Oscar Castaño (Grupo Elisabeth Engel - IBEC) 2012-2014
  • Manuel Salmerón Sánchez (Grupo CBM-UPV - U. Politécnica de Valencia) 2010-2012

The European Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Doctoral Award

In order to give your Ph.D. a European dimension, we encourage you to apply for THE EUROPEAN BIOMATERIALS AND TISSUE ENGINEERING DOCTORAL AWARD (EDA) promoted by the European Society for Biomaterials.

This Award is intended to be a proof of quality and added value to the CV of the young scientists that incorporated additional international elements during their Ph.D. activities: those that have worked in two or more countries, have presented their work at biomaterials international conferences, and have published their work in high quality international journals. It is also, for the Principal Investigator, a valuable proof of integration on a European or international level.

Local Chapter Representative of YSF

Links of interest

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  • FENIN: Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies
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  • ASEBIO: Spanish Bioindustry Association
  • APTE: The Association of Science and Technology Parks of Spain
  • BioMadrid: Madrid Biotechnology Companies Association
  • BioCat: Catalonian Bioregion Association
  • BioVal: Valencian Community BioRegion
  • BIOANDALUCÍA: Andalusian Biotechnology Companies Association
  • BIOBASQUE: Basque Bioregion Association
  • BIOGA: Clúster Tecnológico Empresarial de Ciencias de la Vida
  • CEBR: Council of European BioRegions
  • AMIT: Asociación de Mujeres Investigadoras & Tecnólogas

YSF contact

You can contact us by e-mail: [email protected]. Join us in LinkedIn and Twitter.