Management Programme

The team of Programmes Managers is one of the driving forces of CIBER BBN and the springboard where groups find support for starting up their initiatives. The R&D management body is structured according to the CIBER BBN programmes. So it has Scientific Programmes, Platform Programme and Transfer Programme managers working together under the coordination provided by Scientific Management. Their primary functions are:

  • To actively search for project, platform and collaborative opportunities to achieve one of the main objectives of the CIBER, i.e., translation of the R&D results of the groups to industry and to society in general.
  • To search for research resources: focusing on calls for proposals, support for drawing up and following projects. We can thereby ensure the “life” of the projects, favouring a stable environment in which research can continue, which favours scientific production.
  • To manage and follow up on technology transfer process. The importance of good knowledge management is a fundamental pillar for success of research projects for CIBER BBN.

The team of managers is made up of:

Theodora Tsapikouni Bioengineering and Medical Imaging Programme (+34) 93 586 84 30
Aída Castellanos Páez Biomaterials and Advanced Therapies Programme (+34) 93 489 44 62
(+34) 679 60 67 44
Johanna Katharina Scheper Nanomedicine Programme (+34) 93 400 61 17
(+34) 660 00 05 85
Fernando Santos Benito Industrial Transfer Programme (+34) 659 31 13 62
Jesús M. Izco Zaratiegui ICTS / Platforms Programme (ICTS NANBIOSIS) (+34) 679 49 05 37
Begoña Pérez Magallón Attached to Scientific Director (+34) 876 55 54 74
(+34) 636 30 45 03
Nerea Argarate Madariaga Nanomedicine Programme Contact/Manager (+34) 628 91 58 36