Medical Advisory Comittee

The CIBER-BBN Medical Advisory Comittee is a non-statutory body whose purpose is to advise CIBER-BBN Management as regards aspects in connection with interactions between the CIBER-BBN Scientific Programme and clinical practice.

It is made up of renowned, active clinicians from medical specialisations of interest for CIBER-BBN scientific areas:

  • Joan Bigorra Llosas, Director of Innovation at Hospital Clínic, Barcelona.
  • Arcadi Garcia Alberola, Arrhythmia Division Manager of the Cardiology Department at Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Arrixaca, Murcia.
  • Enrique Gómez Barrena, Specialist in the area of Traumatology and Orthopaedics at Hospital Universitario La Paz.
  • Mª José Martí Doménech, Neurology Department at Hospital Clínic, Barcelona.
  • Jose M. Ruíz Moreno, Specialist in the Area of Ophthalmology of the Complejo Universitario Hospitalario, Albacete.
  • Josep Tabernero Caturla, Onco-haematology Coordinator at Hospital Vall d´Hebrón.