Training and Qualification

The final objective of the CIBER-BBN Training Programme is to increase the research capacities of the integrated staff by means of improving the professional competency of researchers, as a factor of change, transforming attitudes, knowledge and skills depending on the needs that arise as they develop their research activity.


The CIBER’s Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine subject area promotes calls for grants for research initiation intended for covering the transitional period from the end of university studies and attainment of certificates until the resolution of the calls for proposals for public pre-doctoral grants or other professional itineraries which allow recruiting a recent graduate into the work force.

Call 2016 (Spanish)


The objective of the mobility actions is to encourage short-term stays, with a training character, in other research groups. The purpose is to facilitate the transfer of experience and technology, and enhance collaboration between the different groups of CIBER. Therefore, stays will be prioritized both within the BBN thematic area (intra CIBER) and in groups of other thematic areas of CIBER (inter CIBER). Stays in external groups (national or international) are also valid, provided that it is justified that the stay provides improvement and quality to the research activities that are carried out in the CIBER-BBN groups.

In any case, the scientific activity carried out during the stays must be framed within the priority and strategic lines of work of the thematic area of Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine.

Call 2021 (Spanish)