Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre Infrastructures and Equipment

CIBER-BBN has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre in order to facilitate access to and use of the infrastructures and equipment of both centres.

The Jesús Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre (CCMIJU) is a multidisciplinary, public institution dedicated to biomedical research and training in surgical techniques pertaining to health and related areas.

In its more of 25 years experience, the CCMIJU has achieved the following accreditations, among others:

  • Health Training and Research Centre
  • AENOR Quality Certification (ER-0430/2002) in accordance with UNE-EN-ISO 9001:08.
  • Good Laboratory Practice Compliance Certification (BPLI 11.04/001 MSC) to be able to carry out in vivo toxicity, tolerance and pharmacodynamic studies on new molecules, both in human medicine and veterinary medicine.
  • Establishment authorised for the use and breeding of experimental animals.

The services offered by the institution are classified into four sections:

Animal models

1.1 Development of pathologies for R&D projects

1.2 Evaluation of the functionality, efficiency and safety of surgical devices and biomaterials

  • Instrumental evaluation
  • Prosthesis placement
  • Suture testing
  • Tissue adhesive testing
  • Stent placement
  • Ergonomic studies
  • Osseogeneration and osseointegration capacity evaluation

1.3 Study of the efficacy and toxicity of new molecules and new dosage forms

Preclinical collaborative R&D

Projects in cooperation and under demand in the fields of bioengineering and health technologies, biomaterials, nanomedicine, minimally invasive surgery, pharmacology, cell therapy and assisted reproduction.

Technological insfrastructures and equipament

The CCMIJU provides the following services at the disposal of the scientific community and the industry:

  • Experimental operating rooms, laparoscopy and microsurgery surgical laboratory
  • Cell and biochemical therapy laboratory.
  • Engineering laboratory
  • Assisted reproduction room
  • Equipment for radiodiagnosis (CAT, NMR, 3D Fluoroscopy…).
  • Animal facility measuring 2,210 m². Housing for large species, rodents and transgenic animals. Strict security measures and SPF barrier area.
  • Carcass treatment room


  • On-demand customized training
  • Training services for acquiring skills in the use of techniques, instruments or equipment.

Research result transfer

The CCMIJU currently holds the exploitation rights over 22 patents and in 2010 laid down the bases for setting up a health technology-based company (TBC) with headquarters in the bioincubator of the institution itself. It has also successfully licensed some of its patents as a result of the help of the Technological Transfer Strategic Plan (2010-2014) implemented in the Centre.

R&D projects

In the last three years, the CCMIJU has worked in more than 80 research and technological development projects, 20% of which correspond to European and cross-border calls for proposals, 30% correspond to projects with companies, 40% correspond to national calls for proposals and 10% correspond to regional calls for proposals, in different fields: E-learning, ergonomy, new materials, TIC, virtual simulation, augmented reality, minimally invasive surgery, surgical planning, etc…

More information concerning to accessing these infrastructures and research services: Jesús Izco jmizco @