Enfermedades Cardiovasculares

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Heart-on-chip: mechano-electro maturation of iPSC and modeling of hypertrophy cardiomyopathy

Rosa Villa

Photopharmacological control of heart rate

Pau Gorostiza

Assessment of periodic breathing to improve diagnostic and treatment of chronic heart failure patients

Beatriz F.Giraldo

ECG derived cardiovascular risk for SCD and PFD in CHF patients

Pablo Laguna

Investigation on signal and image processing tools to improve the management and treatment of ventricular arrhythmias in the EP-lab

Juan Pablo Martínez Cortés

Analysis of human ventricular cell dynamics for characterization of cardiac aging

Esther Pueyo

Characterization of the influence of physical activity on age-related cardiac function

Esther Pueyo

Multimodal cardiovascular diagnosis bases on 3D features segmententation of OCT and PS-OCT images

Olga Conde

Mechano-biological study of the extracellular matrix rigidity impact in chronic heart failure

Ignacio Ochoa

Doubly functionalised nanoparticles for the non-invasive characterisation of early, asymptomatic atherosclerosis

Lucía Gutiérrez

Investigating epicardial physical properties and its changes during zebrafish heart regeneration

Ángel Raya

Investigation of the basic capacity of intrinsic regeneration of zebrafish cardiomiocyte using a bioreactor

Ángel Raya

Investigating genetic and mechanistic interactions in familial cardiomyopathy through advanced disease modeling

Ángel Raya

Engineering of elastin-like recombinamer-based bioactive hydrogels for controlled delivery of lactate to improve the regeneration potential of cardiomyocytes

Arturo Ibáñez

Non invasive assessment of Autonomic Nervous System in intensive care units

Raquel Bailón

Follow-up of cardiovascular risk related to OSA through ANS evaluation

Eduardo Gil

Otras colaboraciones intramurales