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Point of care biosensor devices to detect biomarkers as evaluation end-points for therapeutic clinical trials in ocular surface inflammation

Amalia Enríquez de Salamanca

Mesenchymal stem cells as a next generation drug delivery system for ocular surface diseases

Margarita Calonge

New therapeutic approaches for retinal degenerations based on smart non-viral vectors

Eduardo Fernández

Upstream-targeted molecular prosthetics for vision restoration

Pau Gorostiza

Development of technical tools for helping the movility of blind people

José Javier Serrano

New therapeutic nanosystems for Retinitis Pigmentosa based on fuctional mesoporous silica nanoparticles

Ramón Martínez Máñez

Development and optimization of anti-inflammatory nanotherapies in inherited retinal dystrohies

Gustavo Puras Ochoa

Microfluidic model of retinal neurovascular unit to identify new therapeutic targets in diabetic retinopathy

Rosa Villa

Otras colaboraciones intramurales