Enfermedades Neurológicas y mentales

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Non-pharmacological techniques against the caregiver syndrome

Jordi Aguiló

Assessment of the mental state in prevention of occupational risk

Jordi Aguiló

Multivalent chemical tools to study GPCR oligomerization

Miriam Royo

Gamma-peptides as anti–alzheimer drugs with BBB crossing properties

Miriam Royo

Reelin as a potential ADtarget

Miriam Royo

Dendritic carbosilane systems as anti-neurodegenerative agents against Parkinson’s disease

Rafael Gómez Ramírez

Neuromuscular signal analysis to decipher the reorganization of the spinal cord networks controlling the recovery of skilled hand function in rodents

Raimon Jané

Non invasive assessment of Autonomic Nervous System in depression

Raquel Bailón

Search for biomarkers of Alzheimer´s disease in serum

Ramón Martínez Máñez

Quantification of SPECT and PET images in Parkinson’s disease and degenerative parkinsonisms

Albert Cot

Characterization of the preclinical stage in Alzheimer's disease through new cognitive paradigms in combination with imaging techniques

Fernando Maestú

Development of human iPs-derived neural cells as effective drug discovery model for Lafora´s Disease

Ángel Raya

Novel drug delivery systems for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy

Carlos Rodríguez Abreu

Increase of the stability, activity and crossing of biological barriers of recombinant proteins through their vehiculization by exosomes and their potential biomedical and industrial use

Ibane Abasolo

New technologies at the service of prevention, assessment and early detection of cognitive impairment

Fernando Maestú

Interactive platform for early detection of neurodegenerative diseases

José Miguel López Higuera

Interactive tool for early detection of emotional impairments

José Miguel López Higuera

Neurological mechanisms of resilience to Alzheimer´s Disease

Juan Domingo Gispert

Neural connectivity analysis pre- and post-transcranial magnetic stimulation in patients with neurological diseases

Roberto Hornero

Electrophysiological signal processing for the assessment of disabling neurological diseases

Joan F. Alonso López

Validating multifunctional polymeric nanoparticles as novel therapeutic vehicles for Alzheimer's Disease

Carlos Rodríguez Abreu

Validation of a novel PET quantification technique using Monte-Carlo simulations

Aida Niñerola

Otras colaboraciones intramurales