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Introduction, development and support of electrophysiological signal acquisition for the assessment of rare diseases

Joan F. Alonso Lopez

Improved drug delivery systems for enzyme replacement therapies in Fabry disease. Effect of targeting, pegylation and stabilization of the drug system

Ibane Abasolo

Novel drug delivery systems for X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy

Carlos Rodríguez Abreu

New bone targeted enzyme replacement therapies for pycnodysostosis

Simo Schwartz

Hyperspectral and OCT imaging of muscle for assessing muscle degeneration and dystrophia in Duchenne disease

Olga Conde

Advance characterization of the iron deposits in the frame of mitochondrial diseases

Lucía Gutiérrez

Nanobiotechnological approach to muscular dystrophies therapy by gene delivery based on elastin like recombinamers

Francisco Javier Arias

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